BEAUTY: ‘Mad Men’ and the New Influence of 1960s Fashion

August 24, 2011 | By: Admin

In the last few years we’ve seen a reemergence in clothing inspired from the early 1960s. This can be credited in large part to the success of ‘Mad Men’, a television show on AMC, chronicling the lives of businessmen and women at an advertising agency set in the 1960s. The show has been highly praised for its attention to detail and historical authenticity, particularly in the presentation of period visuals and aesthetics. The era is presented as one of sophisticated glamour and decadence. The cult of Mad Men has caught on with critics, loyal fans, fashion designers, clothing stores, and the general public who are enthralled with the classic elegance and verve of the early ’60s.

The character of Joan Harris, head secretary at the office of Sterling Cooper, has been credited as an icon for full-figured women, bringing back the classic hourglass shape. Joan’s pencil skirts and blouses show off her curves without being too revealing. Betty Draper, wife of principal figure Don Draper, is represented with classic 1960s grace, in her tastefully chic housedresses and elegant nightgowns.Conservative styles like high-waist skirts and blouses buttoned high have gained popularity. Accessories such as cocktail rings and styling with bows and ruffles are in for a night on the town. The characters of Mad Men are considered recent icons for bringing back a type of femininity and grace from a different era.

Fashion trends influenced by the early ’60s have been even more pronounced for men. Men’s suits are suddenly fashionable again, particularly with shorter jackets and higher waistlines. Don Draper’s 3 piece suits and the skinny ties and bow ties worn by office members on the show have come back into style. Other notable trends seen on the show that have found their way onto guys are pocket squares, tie bars, and tortoiseshell glasses.

The world of fashion design has caught on and furthered the trends. Runway shows by designers such as Prada, Michael Kors, and Marc Jacobs have been noted for their Mad Men-influenced collections. As of late, Banana Republic has introduced an official collection of Mad Men designs, including displays with tips and demonstrations for dressing like your favorite characters.

Whether people are dressing up for ‘Mad Men Parties’, looking at fashion spreads of 1960s inspired style, or shopping for clothes with Mad Men influence, the glamor of the ’60s is very much in style. If you like classic elegance, this is a great time for you.



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