DIET: Make Your Favorite Summer Drinks Healthier

May 23, 2011 | By: Jasmine

Many people count their calories when it comes to the foods they eat, but what about their beverages? With the weather almost perfect for a cold cocktail on the beach or by the pool, do you know exactly how many calories you’ll be drinking in that delicious margarita or mojito?


Your favorite summer alcoholic beverage can contain up to 900 calories! Need a calorie guide for your favs? Pure Body Magazine is here to help!


1. A frozen margarita can contain up to 900 calories. Made with tequila, sweet and sour mix, lime juice and often times fruit juices, this summertime favorite can not only make you feel nice, but heavier as well. To cut down on the calories, get it on the rocks with extra ice to take up more space in the glass for less juice and alcohol to be poured.


2. The mojito, which only contains an average of 230 calories, is one of the healthiest summer drinks. With rum, lime or lemon juice, club soda, sugar and mint leaves, this refreshing drink can’t get any better, right? Well, you can always cut out the sugar and ask for less alcohol to make it even healthier.


3. Sangria is a summer wine that normally contains fruit and can have 250 calories. To cut down on calories, don’t add any fruit juices or sugar. The added fruit should be enough to sweeten this beverage.


4. A mudslide is a milkshake in disguise. This vodka and coffee liqueur mixed drink is drenched with whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate that can contain up to 850 calories. Lighten it up by drinking it without the ice cream or whipped cream.


5. A pina colada contains coconut-flavored rum infused with pineapple juice and can contain up to 700 calories. Sometimes added to this drink are pineapples and coconut cream. To make this drink with fewer calories, exclude the coconut cream and instead of pineapple juice, add club soda.


These techniques will not only help you stay healthy but will enhance the flavor in your drink too! Try them at home and tell us what you think in the comments!


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